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Dogs Love Our Dog Doors!

Kids and Dog Doors Don't MixThe role of a doggie door in your life is special. If you’re anything like us here at DogDoorBiz.com, you understand the deep and unique relationship an owner and pet harness. It’s a bond, a meaningful connection built on long walks, games of fetch and wrestling, terrifying trips to the vet and movies curled up on the couch together. It’s not just a four-legged animal that poops in your yard and tracks dirt throughout the living room – no, our pets are much more than that. In fact, I’m sure most folks think more highly of their pets than they do their friends and coworkers!

Nevertheless, it’s important that your dog or cat is treated with the best food and toys, taken to the nicest day-cares and groomers and using the greatest leashes and dog doors. As you can imagine our expertise lies in the latter – dog doors. And if you didn’t know that, it may be time to get off the internet.

Below we’ll outline some of the things to look for in a doggie door based off the relationships we have with vendors and manufacturers, our thorough chats with customers and shoppers and years of being in the business. It’s not our job to sell you on the most expensive models or those our closest friends work at. There’s a reason we sell all pet door makes and models and it’s because you and the next customer have completely different values, beliefs and circumstances to look into! At Dog Door Biz, we understand this and we want to ensure you’re offered the best dog door for you and you alone. By the end, we hope you have a clear understanding of what you need and want in your next dog door!

The Basics of Dog Doors

Invented in the 1960’s by Dr. Doug Dogdoor the modern day pet door…ok, that’s not the “basics” that we’re talking about. If you came here looking for the history of dog doors, I’m sorry, but we’ll probably leave that out (that’s what Wikipedia is for).

An image of a PlexiDor dog door that goes through a wallNow most pet doors as you know them today include a frame and one or more flaps at their very foundation. That’s the essence of every door you’ll come across. But even at this stage, there can be staggering difference in overall quality, performance and design. Take for instance the PlexiDor Dog Door. One of the best – if not the best – pet doors on the market, the outer frame is composed of anodized aluminum, resistance to rust, cracking and warping. Its panels are rigid, high-impact, shatter resistant Plexiglas that have stood the test of time (read the reviews if you don’t believe us!). And that’s just the basics!

Compared that to an Extreme Weather Doog Door from PetSafe where you’ll find traditional vinyl flaps and a sturdy, plastic frame. Obviously the insulation and durability of these two doors is going to differ a great deal. But for a person living in milder temperatures with a slow, sluggish bulldog, the Extreme Weather door may be a better fit. For our friends in North Dakota who have wild Siberian Huskies to fend for, Plexidor would be a clear winner.

Within the flaps themselves there is a wide array of choices, the most common of which is the dual flap system. This creates a solid level of energy efficiency without scaring your pet into using a tremendous amount of force to bust through. Although we don’t recommend the use of only one flap, some models are offered this way as a means of cutting costs where you can. Again, in mild temperatures this is certainly worth looking into. But overall, the double or triple flap system has been known to work brilliantly for the vast majority of customers.

Other Considerations for Doggie Doors

Doggie door covers come in all shades and sizesNext we’ll cover security. As obscene and unlikely as it may be, break-ins through un-locked dog doors can occur. Therefore, ensuring you purchase a safe and secure dog door for you and your family is our top priority. With that said, it is important that you survey your surroundings. What type of neighbor do you live in? Are there families home during the day? Is the size you’re looking for big enough for a person to even fit through? These are all good things to keep in the back of your mind during your research.

The two most common security features are the sliding cover lock and the keyed lock form inside the home. The sliding cover locks can either be clipped on or utilize the old-fashioned spring loaded pin locks. But if your pet door comes with any of these security features, you’ve made it virtually impossible for an intruder to enter. However, if you keep your front door unlocked all night anyway thanks to sheer neglect, you can skip this section all together as you most likely have some other security issues to deal with.

Another common consideration is how well the door seals. We’ve touched on this earlier but it is worth going back to. Reports of 35% higher energy bills are not uncommon thanks to inefficient or “draft-increasing” doggie doors. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most efficient pet doors on the market. There’s plenty of manufacturer’s we’ve decided to forgo partnering with simply because they provide a cheap (in price and quality) example of what a pet door should be. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag – you’ll surely pay for it through your heating bill or replacement parts down the road.

The last and possibly most important and overlooked feature to touch on is sizing. Most customers overestimate the size needed for their pet; their dog is either too fat or too tall to fit through a standard-sized door. In most situations, this is not the case. Your pet will adapt naturally to the size you provide them, even if it is a bit short or thin. Here is a good Sizing Chart for some of the brands of dog doors we carry.

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